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Well looks like a mandatory road trip to San Francisco (: train rides.

For those that don’t know, Alestorm is coming back to North America headlining for the first time in November! Along with them comes Gypsyhawk and Trollfest! Unfortunately, there’s no Texas date, but the fans that can make it do go and support the shit out of them! Attend and expect to party hardy <3

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"Eluveitie always was, is and will be focused on Celtic history and culture. That’s the main topic of the band’s concept. All my lyrics are historically well founded and substantiated."
- Chrigel Glanzmann
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SuidAkrA - New Album Trailer


Equilibrium - Unbesiegt

Blutend, aber ungebeugt!



who IS that handsome gentleman?!

You should surprise us in a Jack Sparrow costume one day :P

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Emmi Silvennoinen.

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Claim the Throne | Only the Brave Return (2008)





Fucking awesome album from a band i just discovered thanks to a awesome blog i have been speaking to! :D my first listen to this album has been fucking awesome! :D Awesome Pagan Metal for you dudes and i suggest you listen to it! \M/

The blog that introduced me to Equilibrium: 

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theblack-swordhand: Eluveitie's Helvetios was my personal favourite. :)

A great album indeed!